The Origin of Contag

How the name Contag came about may seems simple but it takes a moment of inspiration to get it. The Eureka moment came from a sleepless night thinking about this very name itself. The name Contag came from the word Contact and if you have tried to say Contag out, you would have guess it. It was along the line where getting people's contact initially (though it is weird but this is true) and somehow it relates to physical contact as per what the game is as well. As this was a tag game, and with con-tact sounds similar to con-tag, the birth of the name Contag is made.

What is Contag?

Contag is a thrilling and simulating physical tag game that requires strategic planning and communication. What exactly is a physical tag game? It is a game where a player have to chase after another player by physically touching or tagging them. If you have played before block catching or even heard of World Chase Tag, you will know what this is. However, Contag is not just simply a physical tag game by itself, it is something BIGGER. We incorporate technology into the tag game to make it simple, dynamic and fun. With your smartphone, opening up our Contag application will load up the game when the event has started. You can see at a glance your team members or opponents status as well as selecting various options that are available just on your fingertips.